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Architecture Services

Lumineux’s Architecture has a wide spectrum of services that define the essential role of professional architects identified by elite thinking, conceptualization and forethought. To bring in a new identity to an open space is not just a matter of imagination. There are exciting features as well as challenges that are tough to deal with at the same time. It has a lot to do with predictability and plausibility that are like two eyes of building a future premium facility. When our architect works on a new project, the focus is not just about creating a long term plan alone. Many factors like defining the identity of your building shall have their impact which ultimately differentiates it with the other facilities. Our efforts are also essentially extended to showcase the building or facility in a way that it could bring more value to the location and surroundings by and large.

  • If there is potential for a new building to become a new landmark, we believing in completely exploring all the possibilities to ensure its presence would become highly significant, much beyond mere existence. For such an impression to be perceived and showcased to you as an ambitious client, we shall imply our vast experience while working on a feasibility architecture plan.
  • The architecture of any facility would have its leanings for the culture of a given geographic location, ethnicity it wants to stand by and uniqueness which is never going to be an option. Our team has dedicated and specialized resource segments that makes it completely possible for us to integrate all the essential elements of cultural preferences, ethnic proprieties and contemporary concepts.
  • Depending on the nature of landscape and the purpose of your building, we shall formulate a long term plan that can be implemented in phases as well. At Lumineux, we have the advantage of having the exposure to some of the world class architecture plans, concepts and emerging ideas. We owe our exceptional expertise to years of experience that has witnessed some of the awe inspiring projects along with high degree of confidence. We are recognized for the work we do and it makes your decision making much easier.

When you consider our Architecture Services, be assured of an expert approach followed by a series of power packed intellectual interactions. According to us, architecture design is merely an initial phase to being the process with, in spite of it being a very significant phase. It gets extended to offering wide range of solutions that are in line with globally emerging concepts. In fact, our flexible approach makes it an enduring experience for you.

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