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Planning Services


planningPlanning in an architectural context is more unique and compelling; it is applicable to interior designing as well. While it is simple and obvious for you to know the value of planning as part of designing your project, the demands in the field of architecture and interior designing would call for a better understanding. Driven by a visionary approach, Lumineux has created a significantly unique niche for planning as a core service in itself. We recognize the sensitivities and thin liners that differentiate passion from reality. Therefore, when you engage our services for architectural planning or creating a road map for a facility or landscape development, it becomes our responsibility to guide you through the best and the possible ideas. Converting good ideas into plausible and doable plans need undivided attention and dedication that differentiates best from the rest. We continue to invest in expanding our professional expertise in order to make every project exceptional and count in terms of its uniqueness. To that effect, we differentiate and classify our services from time to time.


  • Planning as a key service is also well differentiated and classified to suit various demands and preferences. There is no ambiguity in understanding the way planning is perceived and conceptualized for a residential property is different from that of a commercial development project. It is important to blend the ideas and create a new synergy between various types of facilities as the present day scenario demands a hybrid model to a greater extent.
  • Going with the demands and conceptions that determine the validity of any project, our planning services are cautiously designed to make any facility relevant for the generations to come. Our plans will stand the test of times in the future and to that effect, we invest a lot of time and resources to study all the relevant propositions before we present a comprehensive plan for your business.
  • Our services are naturally extended to residential and township properties, commercial establishments, government ventures and big scale development projects. We boast of working through highly segmented resources led by inspired team of leaders who know the pulse of strategic planning with great deal of awareness about globally acclaimed concepts and solutions.

Get in touch with our representatives who will fervently support you and guide you through the process of planning and help you adapt with various phases of implementation. We always work in tandem with respective leadership teams and it’s your relationship we want to cherish at the end.

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