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The Team

The team are passionate about design, always striving to achieve the best results with innovative design solutions tailored to suit each individual clients requirements.

Lumineux designers boast strong organizational and communication skills in every level, from juniors through to directors. All team members work closely together to contribute to the company’s vision of design.

Lumineux foster a highly creative and collaborative work environment, allowing their talented designers to release their imagination. Lumineux are continuously looking for new and fresh design talents, that can enhance their unique visions and designs. The expert team come from a varied background and bring expertise from various sectors including Interior Design, Architecture, Engineering, Fabrics and more.

Administrative Staff

A Secretary creates a pleasant atmosphere, which facilitates the communication between the client and employees, leaving a lasting positive impression. The daily operational activities, secretarial support and administrative responsibilities cannot proceed without the help of the Secretary. In fact the Secretary is the dynamo of the company, that not only helps others but also inspires them to be helpful.

Civil Engineer

Engineering is the art of directing the resources of nature toward the connivence of people. For a Civil Engineering the responsibility for doing the drafting, designing and planning comes first. Conducting independent work requiring judgment in the evaluation and application of engineering techniques is part of the role as well.

Senior Designer/ Architect

A Senior Designer provides all necessary support to the Design Director and the Design Team. The Senior Designer’s main task is presenting and implementing the design concepts according to the client’s requirements, conducting project research, concept development, sales consultations and project management. The Senior Designer believes the best designs are the results of finding smart solutions to complex challenges without sacrificing simplicity and ease of use.

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