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The Designer

"Smooth Jazz triggers my imagination for every new start of design" - Manal Bukamal

A Word from the Design Director:

My objective is to continue to grow as a professional interior designer, aspiring to reach new heights of success, whilst continually evolving my skills and techniques in the design field.

After starting a new business it is important to continue with your development and enhance your skills by attending trade shows and emerging yourself in the world of design through books and magazines.

The secret behind any great interior design is to have the ability to transform any house into a spectacular welcoming home. By highlighting innovative angles and applying creative touches it is possible to change a mundane space into a zone of creativity and elegance.

I have a lifelong fascination with Nature, Art and Fashion, Haute Couture and Bazaar Magazine are my passion which leads me to an inspirational Interior and Exterior designs. I combine my talent, passion and creativity to provide unique solutions to clients needs.

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